LiNbO3 Modulators Technology

To produce its modulator chips, iXBlue Photonics masters the two key waveguide processes to inscribe optical waveguides in the LiNbO3 substrate : titanium diffusion and annealed proton exchange. Therefore we can select the most appropriate process depending on the final application : Ti diffusion for 1550 nm high data rate telecom modulators, APE for highly polarizing circuits and Near InfraRed modulators.

Specialty Fibers and Fiber Components Technology

Our specialty fibers preforms are produced using the MCVD process. Preforms can be further drilled, machined, grinded, polished in order to obtain fibers with specific properties.

iXBlue Bragg gratings are photowritten using either the Lloyd mirror technique or phase masks. That last process is very well suited for volume production, when the interferometric Lloyd mirror process offers an unparalleled adaptability for prototypes or low volume of specific devices.


iXblue Photonics has entered in its brand-new, 3200 square meter ( 34,500 sqft) Modulation Solutions building in Besançon in September 2015. This new facility has been designed and built to iXBlue specific requirements and is completely tooled up for the design and production of optical modulators, packaged RF modules and modulation units. The 300 m2 (3250 sqft) clean rooms allows for a 50,000 chip yearly capacity and is equipped with the latest generation high temperature multi-tube diffusion oven, sputtering and PECVD equipments. The rest of the facility includes seam sealing equipment, an optical workshop with saws and polishing machines, a metrology laboratory with state-of-the-art optical and high-bandwidth RF test and measurement equipments, qualification and reliability testing equipments.

The 5600 square meter Specialty Fiber facility is located in Lannion, in the heart of the french Brittany photonics cluster; it includes state of the art MCVD preform production systems, a glass workshop for preforms processing and machining and a set of 15 m (50 ft.) high drawing towers that allow for production of fibers with diameter from 25 µm to 600 µm with acrylate, silicone or polyimide coating. The fiber Bragg gratings production area includes a fiber photo-sensitization workshop and a number of multi-wavelength inscription benches.

Quality Assurance

The quality policy of iXBlue Photonics is geared towards our customers’ satisfaction and is an essential pillar to ensure the continuity and the development of our activity.

In concrete terms, this policy can be mapped out by five strategic points:

  • Effective listening to the customer, enabling us to accurately understand needs and expectations which have been expressed,
  • Satisfy and gain customer loyalty;
  • Improve Project Management in order to design and carry out technical solutions adapted to the customer’s expectations within deadlines;
  • Be in control over product quality at every stage in the manufacturing process;
  • Develop personnel skills safely and make all our staff aware of their roles and responsibilities with regard to quality

By following these five points, we are able to improve our procedures and our products, and we make sure all our staff subscribe to and are involved in this approach to quality.

  • iXBlue Photonics Lannion ISO 9001:2008 certificate > Download
  • iXBlue Photonics Besancon ISO 9001:2008 certificate > Download
  • iXBlue ISO 9001:2008 certificate > Download

IXBlue Photonics is committed to protecting the environment and to preserve the natural resources of the planet. The most stringent provisions of French Law concerning the protection of the environment are accounted for in IXBlue Photonics business processes. Waste separation and reduction, usage of recycled materials whenever possible as well as the spare usage of electricity, water and paper are well-defined targets. Polluting emissions and the usage of hazardous materials are avoided wherever possible.

iXBlue Photonics offers the family of iXFiber specialty fibers : Linb03 modulators, Fiber bragg gratings, polarizing fibers