PuLse Drivers

The DR-PL family is a set of RF amplifier modules designed to drive LiNb03 modulators so as to generate undistorted optical pulses.

The DR-PL are wideband RF amplifier modules optimized for given Frequency Repetition Rate (FRR) and Pulse Width (PW). They accommodate pulse trains with FRR up to the GHz, with PW down to 50 ps. They operate from a single voltage power supply for ease and safety of use and feature an output voltage control for maximum flexibility. An optional heat sink is proposed as a complementary equipment.

The DR-PL modulator driver comes in a compact connectorized module that matches (mechanically and impedance) directly with iXblue phase and intensity modulators.



Benefits & Features

  • Specific design for pulse signals
  • Accommodate a variety of pulse widths and duty-cycles
  • High pulse fidelity
  • Matching amplifier for LiNbO3 & InP modulators


  • Pulse generation
  • Pulse picking
  • Spectroscopy
  • Lidar

Main specifications

  • Output voltage up to 9 Vpp
  • Rise and fall times down to 20 ps
  • Gain up to 30 dB
  • Square and arbitrary waveforms pulses


Application Notes

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Introduction to iXblue RF Drivers