simple clad passive optical fiber

For pump and signal delivery

iXblue’s passive fibers are being used in standard and harsh environment for applications in biotechnology, oil & gas or nuclear physics. Our passive fiber product line includes a range of polarization maintaining fibers, single and multi-modes fibers, photosensitive fibers and double clad fibers.

iXblue’s single mode fibers have been designed to offer low-loss transmission. Also, dedicated coatings and core glass compositions for high temperatures or harsh environments allow for minimal degradation in challenging applications from short wavelength to near IR.

specialty optical fiber


Benefits & Features

  • Pure Silica SM fiber Core
  • Photosensitive SM fiber for FBG
  • PM available
  • Acrylate, Silicone, Polyimide, or Carbon Coated fibers



  • Fiber lasers and amplifiers


Main Specifications



Non-PM types
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6 µm core diameter

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qty Price per meter
1-49 m 12.00 €/m
50-99 m 10.00 €/m
>100 m 8.00 €/m
Core NA: 0.21
Cladding diameter (μm) 125 +/- 3

6 µm core diameter

PM types
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