optical fiber for laser

For fiber laser between 890 - 1060 nm 

iXblue Photonics Neodymium Aluminosilicate double clad fibers have been developed to maximize fiber efficiency through a precisely controlled host composition. Compared to a standard Neodymium fiber, the 1.06-micron emission is reduced through careful fiber design optimization.n.

Our double clad fibers are routinely tested to various parameters such as photodarkening and environmental behavior.


specialty optical fiber


Benefits & Features

  • Host composition optimized for high energy efficiency and low clustering
  • Low splicing losses
  • High NA, High performance low-index cladding
  • Low background losses
  • Low macrobending losses at operating wavelength



  • 0.9 to 1.064 µm fiber lasers


Main Specifications





4 µm core diameter

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Core NA: 0.14
Cladding diameter (μm): 125 +/- 3

4 µm core diameter


20 µm core diameter

PM Panda structrure

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Core NA: 0.065
Cladding diameter (μm): 80 +/- 3
Matched double clad Passive fiber: IXF-2CF-PAS-PM-20-80-0.07

20 µm core diameter

PM Panda structrure