optical fiber for laser

For fiber laser between 890 - 1100 nm 

iXblue Photonics offers a complete range of Neodymium fibers with some unique properties.

iXblue Photonics Neodymium Aluminosilicate double clad fibers have been developed to maximize fiber efficiency through a precisely controlled host composition. Compared to a standard Neodymium fiber, the 1.06-micron emission is reduced through careful fiber design optimization.
Our double clad fibers are routinely tested to various parameters such as photodarkening and environmental behavior.

A Single clad fiber is also proposed and would be ideal to build seeder sources in the 10xx nm range.


specialty optical fiber


Benefits & Features

  • Host composition optimized for high energy efficiency and low clustering
  • Low splicing losses
  • High NA, High performance low-index cladding
  • Low background losses
  • Low macrobending losses at operating wavelength



  • 0.9 to 1.064 µm fiber lasers
  • Seeder source at 10xx nm


Main Specifications




Fiber type:

Single clad
Double clad
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7.5 W blue light generation at 452 nm by internal frequency doubling of a continuouswave Nd-doped fiber laser

B. Leconte, H.Gilles, T. Robin, B. Cadier & M. Larochet

Optics Express

Vol 26, No. 8

April 2018


We present the first frequency-doubled neodymium-doped fiber laser generating multi-watt CW power near 450 nm. A bow-tie resonator incorporating a LBO nonlinear crystal is integrated within a Nd-doped fiber laser emitting near 900 nm. This scheme achieves an IR to blue conversion efficiency close to 55% without any active control of the internal resonant cavity ...


Watt-level single-frequency tunable neodymium MOPA fiber laser operating at 915-937 nm

S. Rota-Rodrigo, B. Gouhier, M. Laroche, J. Zhao, B. Canuel, A. Bertoldi, P. Bouyer, N. Traynor, B. Cadier, T. Robin & G. Santarelli

Photonics West

January 2018


We have developed a Watt-level single-frequency tunable fiber laser in the 915–937 nm spectral window. The laser is based on a neodymium-doped fiber master oscillator power amplifier architecture, with two amplification stages using a 20 mW extended cavity diode laser as seed...

Transverse mode selection in a Nd-doped fiber amplifier at 910 nm

B. Leconte, H. Gilles, T.Robin, B. Cadier & M. Laroche

Optic Express 25, 18314-18319



Selective amplifications of LP01 fundamental mode and higher order modes LP11 and LP01 are demonstrated in a double-pass Nd-doped LMA fiber amplifier operating at 910 nm. A multimode core fiber Bragg grating is employed to select a single guided mode by simply adjusting...