optical fiber for laser

For fiber lasers from 1.9 to 2.2 µm

iXblue carries a full range of Holmium doped optical fibers for amplifiers and fiber lasers. Our single clad Holmium doped fiber can be pumped by a Thulium doped fiber laser with direct core pumping. Moreover, our double clad Holmium doped fiber is available for high efficiency multi-mode pump coupling.


For high power CW and pulsed lasers ~2 µm

Triple clad design to be used in high power regime for amplifiers and fiber lasers configuration.

specialty optical fiber


Benefits & Features

  • CW and pulsed fiber lasers @ 2 µm
  • High pump and consistent absorption
  • Large mode area
  • High efficiency
  • High Tm0 concentration
  • Low M² and NA
  • Heat dissipation
  • Eye-safe lasers


  • 2 µm CW & pulsed lasers
  • 2 µm amplifiers
  • Military and commercial LIDAR
  • Laser weapon

Main Specifications



Fiber types:


Number of claddings:

Single clad
Triple clad
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Single Clad Fibers
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8 µm core diameter

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Qty Price per meter
1-9 m 450.00 €/m
>10 m 375.00 €/m
Unit = m

8 µm core diameter

Core NA: 0.16
Cladding diameter (μm): 125 +/- 2

8 µm core diameter

PM Panda structrure

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Qty Price per meter
1-9 m 850.00 €/m
10-49 m 750.00 €/m
Unit = m

8 µm core diameter

PM Panda structrure

Core NA: 0.16
Cladding diameter (μm): 125 +/- 2
Triple Clad Fibers
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Two-Stage Performance of Polarization-Maintaining Holmium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers

R.E. Tench, C. Romano, G.M. Williams, J.M. Delavaux, T. Robin , B. Cadier & A. Laurent


VOL. 37, NO. 4,

15 FEBRUARY 2019


We report the experimental demonstration and record performance of two-stage broadband, high gain polarization-maintaining (PM) Ho-doped fiber amplifiers (HDFAs) at a signal wavelength of λs = 2051 nm...