narrow bandwidth filter spectrum

In this IXC-FBG-PS design, a Phase Shift (PS) is introduced within the middle of the stop band. This PS will lead to a sharp resonance peak visible in the transmission spectrum response and features less than 1 dB of insertion loss.

Our narrow bandwidth transmission filter IXC-FBG-PS can be used as a narrow band transmission filter in telecom as well as in sensing applications. This product can also be used as a cavities of distributed feedback (DFB) fiber laser.

ultra narrow bandwidth filters ultra narrow bandwidth filters


Benefits & Features

  • Very narrowband transmission filter lower than 1 GHz bandwidth
  • Low insertion loss at resonant peak
  • Tailored transmission by changing the location and amount of phase shift
  • High temperature stability within a 1 pm/°C
  • Tunability +/- 100 pm


  • Telecom wavelengths demultiplexing
  • Filtering
  • High resolution sensing (temperature, strain, ultrasonic waves)

Main Specifications