Lithium Niobate Electro Optic Modulator : Speciality LiNbO3 Modulators

iXblue masters the entire chain of LiNbO3 modulators.

We offer specialty LiNbO3 modulators for applications covering :

  • fiber optics sensors

  • instrument and industrial systems

  • optical telecommunications

  • space and defense applications

They can be developed upon customers specifications for wavelength from 780 nm to 2 microns.

Speciality LiNbO3 Modulators
CMD Co-packaged Modulator-Drivers
FS-LN-170 170 MHz Frequency Shifter
IMZI Imbalanced Mach-Zehnder Interferometers
MIOC Fiber Optics Gyros (FOGs) optical circuits
MPX-LN Phase Modulators for Sensing

iXBlue Photonics offers the family of Photline products : intensity modulators, phase modulators, phase LiNbO3 modulators, RF drivers, modulator bias controllers, ModBoxes transmitters and modulation units, IQ modulators