ModBox : Pulse Shaper and Front End

ModBox for Pulse Applications use the benefits of iXblue Photonics Modulators :
  • Short rise and fall time
  • High contrast
  • High power handling to generate, shape or select high quality and highly repeatable optical pulses.
There are available in a large choice of wavelength and can be tailored to specific applications. iXblue Phototonics' ModBox Pulse and Front End Systems are appreciated in many Intense Laser facilities all over the world : CEA MegaJoule, LULI, LLNL, Osaka University.
iXblue offers a wide range of Modulation Solutions in the 1 µm region. We invite you to download our Modulators and ModBox for Fiber Lasers Applications catalog :
Download LiNbO3 modulators for NIR laser applications

iXBlue Photonics offers the family of Photline products : intensity modulators, phase modulators, phase LiNbO3 modulators, RF drivers, modulator bias controllers, ModBoxes transmitters and modulation units, IQ modulators