Fiber Bragg Gratings : FBG for Sensors and other applications

iXBlue Photonics proposes a wide range of Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) products for the following applications :

  • Laser Diode Stabilizers
  • Wavelength selective Filters for telecommunications (WDM Mux/Demux, slope filters) and customer specific applications
  • Broadband Filters
  • Dissipative Filters
  • Wavelength shift components for temperature, strain or surrounding refractive index sensing

This in-fiber core component is designed and manufactured flexibly to match your specific filter response. Fast turn-around can help you in determining the best solution with assurance of reliability based on over 15 years experience. We propose a wide wavelength range (800 to 2100 nm) and various grating protection.


Key Features

  • Standard or specialty fiber
  • Phase mask or Lloyd's mirror interferometric method
  • Large range of wavelengths
  • Standard or custom spectral shape & grating type ( FP cavity, phase-shift)
  • Telcordia qualified


ApplicationUnitSensingLaser diode stabilizerBroadand filterCustom
Fiber type - SM, PM or special Hi1060, PM980, special SM, PM, CMF, special SM, PM, CMF,…
Center wavelength nm 600 to 2100 980 / 1480 range C-band, L-band 600 to 2100
Bandwidth FWHM nm 0.2 to 1 0.1 to 3 2 to 45 0.05 to > 50
Reflectivity % 10 to > 90 3 to 10 > 95 1 to 99.9
Thermal stability pm/°C bare fiber, C band : 10 N/A 1 to 2 (ath. package) 1 to 2 (ath. package)
Coating / Recoating - bare fiber, acrylate, polyimide acrylate, hytrel tube acrylate, athermal pack., custom acrylate, athermal pack., custom

FBG for Sensors and other applications

FBG for Sensors and other applications


  • Distributed Temperature and Strain Sensors
  • Refractive Index Sensors
  • Laser Diode Stabilizers

iXBlue Photonics offers the family of iXFiber specialty fibers : Er doped fibers , Er/Yb doped fibers, double clad fibers, Thulium doped fibers, polarization maintaining fibers, spun fibers, fiber Bragg gratings, FBG laser mirrors