Fiber Bragg Gratings : FBG Sensor Arrays

iXBlue Photonics offers the possibility to have one or multiple High Reflectivity FBGs with customized central wavelengths on a single optical fiber without any splice.

FBGs are suitable to detect strain, temperature, pressure change in various applications.


Key Features :

  • Low insertion loss
  • Spliceless FBG design
  • Customized FBG array configuration
  • Large range of wavelengths
  • FBGs positioned at discrete points along a continuous fiber
  • Available on small cladding diameter fiber or multiple core fiber, PM available
  • Up to more than 100 FBG


Product series - IXC-SEN
Fiber type - SMF, PM, CMF, other
Center wavelength nm 600 to 2100
Number of FBGs - 1 to 100
Bandwidth FWHM nm 0.2 to 1 typ.
Reflectivity % 10 to > 90
Profile - uniform, apodized, chirped
Coating / Recoating - standard acrylate, polyimide

FBG Sensor Arrays

FBG Sensor Arrays


  • Distributed Temperature and Strain Sensors
  • Intrusion Sensors
  • 3D Shape Sensors

iXBlue Photonics offers the family of iXFiber specialty fibers : Er doped fibers , Er/Yb doped fibers, double clad fibers, Thulium doped fibers, polarization maintaining fibers, spun fibers, fiber Bragg gratings, FBG laser mirrors