Specialty Fibers : Active Fibers

The iXBlue Photonics family of active fibers includes Er, Yb, Tm, Ho, Nd, Er/Yb and Tm/Ho Doped Fibers. Single Clad or Double Clad configuration are dedicated for your laser or amplifier design. Our fibers cover a comprehensive wavelengths range from 0.94 µm to 2 µm. Our active fibers can be used in different applications such as communication, CATV, lidar, laser processing, medical, Defense, space or harsh environment.

iXBlue Photonics offers the family of iXFiber specialty fibers : Er doped fibers , Er/Yb doped fibers, double clad fibers, Thulium doped fibers, polarization maintaining fibers, spun fibers, fiber Bragg gratings, FBG laser mirrors