RFoF - Analog Transmission


Photline LiNbO3 modulators are key components for high frequencies analog transmission.


Matched with linear RF amplifiers, they are used to build high performance linear fiber optics links for remote antennas and radar signals transport.

We invite you to download our components and ModBox dedicated to Linear modulation:


OPTICAL LINK PERFORMANCE PROCESSOR : under the chart below, process you analog optical link performance by just entering your link parameters.


Download Analog Modulators, Drivers and ModBox


RFoF - Analog Transmission

Enter your optical link parameters (NB: use a comma as decimal point)

Link Optical Loss (dB) Photodiode Responsivity (A/W) Laser Output Power (W) Modulator RF Vpi @ low frequency (Vp-p) Modulator E-O bandwidth @-3dB (GHz) Operating Frequency (GHz)

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