Optical Communications

iXblue Photonics solutions for optical communications include :

  • Phase and intensity modulators up to 50 Gb/s - 40 GHz


  • RF drivers up to 50 Gb/s - 40 GHz


  • ModBoxes Reference Transmitters NRZ, PAM4, VNA

          We invite you to download our Reference Transmitters catalog :


              Download Modbox NRZ PAM4 VNA Reference Transmitter


  • Erbium and Erbium-Ytterbium doped fibers to build fiber amplifiers and lasers in the C and L bands

Optical Communications

IXBLUE distribue divers produits (FBG laser mirrors, Photosensitive fibers, Thulium doped fibers, gyro fibers, intensity modulator, polarizing fibers, gain flattening FBG, …) destinés à différentes applications.