Specialty Fibers

iXBlue Photonics offers a comprehensive range of specialty fibers for a wide variety of applications:

  • active doped fibers for fiber amplifiers and lasers
  • polarization maintaining fibers for Fiber Optics Gyroscopes
  • passive PM and SM fibers for fiber amplifiers and lasers
  • polarizing fibers for Fiber Optics Sensors and Gyroscopes
  • spun fibers for Fiber Optic Current Sensors
  • photosensitive fibers for FBG inscription
  • fiber optics coils for Fiber Optic Gyroscopes or Sensors

iXBlue Photonics offers the family of iXFiber specialty fibers : Er doped fibers , Er/Yb doped fibers, double clad fibers, Thulium doped fibers, polarization maintaining fibers, spun fibers, fiber Bragg gratings, FBG laser mirrors