optical fiber for extreme conditions

For nuclear environment and high energy physics

Most deployed optical fibers are designed to be used in friendly environments usually with temperatures ranging from -40 to +85°C. For these fibers, acrylate coatings are typically used but are not adequate for temperature above 85°C. For applications were optical fibers are to withstand long term exposure to high temperature, iXblue has formulated a coating package based on polyimides which provides outstanding long term protection.

Polyimide coated fibers can be used at temperatures up to 350°C for short time and 300°C permanently. Polyimide coating also provides protection against many chemicals and is a coating of choice when it comes to radiation exposure.

More fibers are available on stock and we have furthermore the ability to custom design your fiber based on your specific application. Do not hesitate to contact us with your specific technical requirements.

specialty optical fiber


Benefits & Features

  • Operating temperature long term up to 300 °C
  • Operating temperature short term up to 350 °C
  • Outstanding mechanical protection


  • High temperature sensing
  • Oil and gas
  • Nuclear environment


Main Specifications




Low radiation level

Polyimide coating

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Qty Price per meter
1-19 m 8.00 €/m
>20 m 7.00 €/m
Unit = m

Low radiation level

Polyimide coating

Typical RIA @ 1550 nm for 20 kGy (𝛾-rays) ∼ 25 dB/km
Core NA: 0.14

Polyimide coating

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Polyimide coating

Core NA: 0.17