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Photonics Online Meetings

The first PHOTONICS ONLINE MEETINGS by Photonics France


Meet ixblue Photonics sales team at the Photonics Online Meetings organized by Photonics France.

Given the health crisis currently affecting the operational capacity of our industry and commercial prospecting actions, Photonics France, the French Federation of Photonics, is steping up its efforts by offering clients and suppliers of technologies and services an opportunity to exchange and initiate new projects.

Photonics France, the French Federation of Photonics, launches the first PHOTONICS ONLINE MEETINGS.

This is a day of business meetings on a European scale, between principals and suppliers of the photonics industry.
High-level conferences and webinars on products and services complete this day dedicated to photonics and its application markets.

Around 150 French and European companies are expected to attend: major clients, technology and service providers, investors, institutions, public and private partners.

On the program:

  • A day of meetings with the key players in photonics industry, with no boundaries, by videoconference from your office
  • An average of 10 meetings of 20 minutes each between clients and technology & service providers
  • Your R&D/production/commercial/purchasing teams mobilized all day long
  • Live demonstrations/experimentations/showroom/softwares 
  • Virtual conferences via videoconferencing on a user-friendly and intuitive platform
  • A hotline available at all times

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