iXblue Photonics in collaboration with other labs will present 4 technical papers:


Assessment of a sub-MHz linewidth fiber Bragg grating external-cavity InGaN laser diode

We report on a fiber Bragg grating external cavity InGaN edge-emitting laser diode showing a stable single longitudinal mode regime with a few mW output power around 400 nm and a side-mode-suppression ratio close to 50 dB. We will study the influence of the cavity length with different fiber types (SM or PM). Assessment will focus on the sub-MHz integrated linewidth and a detailed intensity and frequency noise analysis in the single-frequency regime emission completed by a first-time investigation on the stability of the FBG for guided light at NUV wavelengths.

Laurent Lablonde, Catherine Le Rouzic, Thierry Robin (iXblue), Antoine Congar, Stéphane Trebaol, Mathilde Gay, Georges Perin, Pascal Besnard (Univ. Rennes 1), Dominique Mammez, Jean-Claude Simon (ENSSAT),  Julien Rouvillain & Thierry Georges (Oxxius).

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Multi-watt broadband wavelength tunable polarization maintaining Tm-doped fiber laser module

We report the design, optical architecture, and performance of a multi-watt tunable polarization-maintaining Tm-doped fiber laser that can be tuned from 1890—2050 nm. The compact OEM laser exhibits peak fiber coupled output powers of > 3.5 W CW and a linewidth of < 0.05 nm. Data as a function of output wavelength are presented for the output spectrum, output power, OSNR, and long term power stability.

Clement Guyonnet, Alexandre Amavigan, Wiktor Walasik, Jean-Marc Delavaux (Cybel), Thierry Robin, Benoit Cadier, Arnaud Laurent & Patrice Crochet (iXblue)

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High performance +23 dBm miniature PM Ho-doped fiber amplifier at 2100 nm

Current progress in infrared LIDAR, atmospheric sensing, and DWDM transmission system experiments highlights the need for large bandwidth, high dynamic range polarization-maintaining (PM) optical amplifiers in the 1900 nm—2100 nm band. In this paper we present the first simulated and experimental results for a newly developed miniature packaged Ho-doped fiber amplifier that is optimized for operation at 2100 nm. We will present comprehensive simulations and experimental data for this 2100 nm HDFA illustrating its successful long wavelength operation. Watt-level output powers will be demonstrated for the miniature packaged amplifier.

Robert E. Tench, Alexandre Amavigan, Shivaraman Asoda, , Jean-Marc Delavaux (Cybel), Thierry Robin, Benoit Cadier & Arnaud Laurent (iXblue)

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Efficient pulsed Nd-doped fiber laser at 905 nm and frequency conversion down to 452nm and 226nm

We present in this work, the development of a nanosecond pulsed Master-Oscillator Power-Amplifier (MOPA) laser system near 905 nm based on the 3-level transition of Neodymium using a novel low NA polarization-maintaining Nd-doped silica fiber with a 30µm core and 130µm cladding. The MOPA delivered up to 24 W of average power (0.6 mJ energy per pulse) with good beam quality (M²~1.4). Cascaded LBO and BBO crystals are used respectively for second-harmonic generation and fourth-harmonic generation, giving respectively average output powers of 4.9W at 452nm (conversion efficiency of 20%) and 550mW at 226nm (conversion efficiency of 10%).

Kilian Le Corre, Hervé Gilles, Sylvain Girard, Mathieu Laroche (CIMAP), Giorgio Santarelli (LP2N), Alexandre Barnini, Louanne Kervella, Pascal Guitton & Thierry Robin (iXblue)

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