radiation & temperature resistant fiber

When it comes to fiber sensing, fiber selection is of prime importance and can be difficult. Indeed, until now, there was no standard offering of fibers able to cope with both worlds radiation and temperature. iXblue has worked for 10 years with French Nuclear agency to develop a comprehensive lines of radiation resistant fibers that could be use also in high- temperature environment. The core composition has been selected carefully to withstand highradiation dose and a wide selection of coating - acrylate HT, polyimide, aluminium, carbone - allows the fiber to cope with any temperature range. These fibers are ideal for fiber sensing in harsh and radiative environment such as temperature sensing, fire detection, data transmission etc.

Performances of these fibers up to 400°C are detailed in a recent published scientific article written in collaboration with Laboratoire Hubert Curien from Saint-Etienne University in IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science entitled "radiation resistant single-mode fiber with different coating for sensing in high-dose environment". The article is available here.


Rad Hard Fibers