This new addition to iXblue double clad specialty fiber portfolio is based on an innovative refractive index profile, a five micrometer core combined with an eighty micrometer cladding to maximize the multimode absorption.

Standard Nd-doped fiber presents a much higher gain at the 4F3/2 → 4I 9/2 transition - near 1060 nm - due to its true four-level nature. This fiber is designed with a W-type core refractive index profile that suppresses effectively the emission at 1060 nm through bend-induced losses. Pumped around 800 nm, the fiber exhibits high PER and optimized power conversion efficiency in the 900-940 nm window with no residual 1060 nm emission.

This fiber will be an excellent building block when designing a fiber laser emitting in the 900 to 940 nm. Applications cover non-linear spectroscopy, quantum optics, biochemistry and bio photonics.


Associated passive fibers, as well as a fiber combiners adapted to this fiber.