Meet our teams of experts at OFC Conference, the largest optical communications conference in the world. iXblue Photonics will present a couple of technical papers and give a demonstration of its 1310nm 56 Gbaud PAM-4 Optical Reference Transmitter.


Technical papers

Monday 9 March / 5:30 pm to 5:45 pm room 2 / M4C: MCF Amplifiers and Cable

Power Efficient All-fiberized 12-core Erbium/ytterbium Doped Optical Amplifier, Gilles Mélin1, Romain Kerampran2, Achille Monteville3, Sylvain Bordais2, Thierry Robin1, David Landais3, Aurelien Lebreton4, Yves Jaouen4, Thierry Taunay3

20dB gain in C-band with only 5.3W of pump is achieved with an all-fiberized 12-core Er/Yb doped fiber amplifier. This result is a first step towards SDM transmission including power efficient amplifiers and ROADM.

1iXblue, Lannion - France; 2Lumibird, Lannion - France; 3Photonics Bretagne, Lannion - France; 4TELECOM Paris, Paris – France


Wednesday 11 march / 8:30 am to 9:00 am room 2 / W1C: Novel Doped Fiber Amplifier

Recent Advances on Radiation-Hardened Optical Fiber Technologies, Sylvain Girard1(invited at the conference), Thierry Robin2, Adriana Morana1, Gilles Mélin2, Alexandre Barnini2, Aziz Boukenter1, Benoit Cadier2, Emmanuel Marin1, Laurent Lablonde1, Arnaud Laurent2, Youcef Ouerdane1

Optical fibers possess key advantages for integration in radiation-rich environments as parts of communication systems, laser sources, optical amplifiers, sensors. We reviewed how the understanding of the basic mechanisms of radiation effects can be exploited to optimize their tolerance to the most challenging environments

1Université Jean Monnet, Saint Etienne - France; 2iXblue, Lannion - France




1310nm 56 Gbaud PAM-4 Optical Reference Transmitter      







Please join us at the iXblue booth # 5629 for a live demonstration of our 1310nm 56 Gbaud PAM-4 Optical Reference Transmitter – ModBox-OBand-56GBaud-PAM4. Our PAM-4 Optical Reference transmitter generates an excellent quality 4 level Pulse Amplitude Modulation up to 56 Gbaud in the O-band and for C-WDM, which makes it an ideal Golden transmitter. The demo is setup by our local representative Granite River Labs. We will show a 112Gb/s PAM4 Optical Receiver Stress Testing solution in collaboration with Anristu and Tektonix.

If you are interested, please secure a time with us at contact.photonics@ixbue.com. We are excited to discuss your application and requirements as we believe our reference transmitter offers a very competitive solution.

Our transmitters are ideal for receiver or TIA testing and can be used for many high-speed electronic device characterizations. We also provide a unique solution at 850nm leveraging the outstanding performance for our components in the near infrared.

We are looking forward to meeting with you soon.

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