European Conference on Optical Communication September 13 - 16, Bordeaux FRANCE


ECOC exhibition


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Meet iXblue Photonics at ECOC 2021 in Bordeaux, this year Kylia and Muquans join our team on our booth! Find our experts specialized in specialty fibers, modulation solutions, optical assemblies and integrated quantum solutions.

In collaboration with other Labs, iXblue Photonics will present a technical paper at the conference: Tuesday 14 September 17:15 - 17:30 • Session Amplifier technologies for transmission system • Room C1 : Speaker Erwan Pincemin.

12-Core Erbium/Ytterbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier for 200G/400G Long-Haul, Metro-Regional, DCI Transmission Applications with ROADM

Erwann Pincemin1, Jérémie Jauffrit2, Pierre-Yves Disez2, Yann Loussouarn1, Claude Le Bouëtté2, Romain Kerampran3, Sylvain Bordais3, Gilles Melin4, Thierry Taunay5, Yves Jaouen6, Michel Morvan7

1 Orange Labs, 2Ekinops,3Lumibird, 4iXblue, 5Photonics Bretagne, 6Telecom Paris & 7IMT Atlantique

Abstract: A 12-core Er/Yb-doped fiber amplifier with 21-dBm/core output power and 5.3-Watts multimode pump is used to address various transmission applications with ROADM. 1200-km with 200G DP-QPSK and 300-km with 400G DP-16QAM are achieved in serial configuration at 1550-nm. Parallel 12x100-km transport with 400-ZR+ transceiver is also implemented.

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