Radiation sensing is of prime importance in many challenging areas such as high energy physics laboratory, medical labs and even in space for both equipment and personnel protection. Radiation measurement through point by point detectors can be cumbersome and become extremely costly for large facilities. Radiation mapping through distributed measurement technology literally replaces potentially tens or hundreds of point detectors by a single optical fiber cable running through your facility. Optical fiber based radiation sensing is thus a real game-changer.

The IXF-RAD-SENSE-SM-1550 fiber is now available from stock, it has been designed for 1550 nm operation and will easily integrate with instrumentation thanks to its standard 125 µm cladding and acrylate coating. The radiation sensitivity coefficient has been calibrated to 4 dB/km/Gray using cobalt 60 source.

Furthermore, custom design based on customer specific application and technical requirement is possible.

Radiation Sensing Fibers