This third generation of Erbium/ytterbium 12-micron core fiber offers lower Radiation Induced Attenuation (RIA) & Radiation Induced Gain Variation (RIGV) than previous generation which makes these fibers ideal for long-term space mission with high-cumulated radiation dose. Thanks to new coating and improved core composition, these fibers are also able to operate at 20 W CW long-term operation, making them ideal for space amplifier booster.

Polarization Maintaining (PM) or non-PM version are available.

iXblue has produced more than 20 flying navigation systems equipped with these fibers and components. iXblue has developed a strong experience in the qualification of such devices in collaboration with end-users, including the French National Space agency (CNES) and The French Nuclear agency (CEA) for the last 10 years.


Rad Hard Space Grade Doped Fibers