New ! Dedicated Intensity and Phase Modulators for the 950 nm band !


The NIR-MX950 intensity modulators and the NIR-MPX950 phase modulators are now available to operate into the optical window 850 nm up to 960 nm. These new class of modulators are selected and tested to provide a purely optical monomode propagation and ensure an high quality modulation in the 900 nm band.


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Rad Hard Passive Fibers


For nuclear environment and high energy physics

For the past 10 years, iXblue has developed a large experience in the use of optical fibers in extreme conditions from undersea to space environment and in Oil & Gas, nuclear, medical, and aerospace applications.
Engaged in large scale R&D projects with the CNES (French Space Agency) and the CEA (French Nuclear Agency), iXblue Photonics has built a unique knowledge in radiation resistant fibers, both for passive and active doped fibers. From design to qualification, iXblue engineers will provide you with custom fibers specifically fitting your application with minimal RIA (Radiation Induced Attenuation) level.
  • Nuclear Environment
  • High Energy Labs (Plasma diagnostic)
  • High Temperature

Coating available

  • Acrylate, Silicone, High temperature Acrylate
  • Polyimide with optional carbon layer for Hydrogen protection

             Rad Hard Passive Fibers

Download example of fibers
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NEW 28 Gbaud PAM-4 Reference Transmitter ModBoxes !


iXblue releases New 28 Gbaud PAM-4 Reference Transmitters. These ModBoxes have been reference turn-key transmitters for optical telecommunication laboratories and production test beds. They are available at 850 nm, for CWDM and C-band operation. These instruments which provide clean and open eye diagrams integrate an high grade CW laser to provide more than 5 dBm optical output modulated signal.

Reference Transmitter ModBoxes

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Neodymium PM Fiber


This new addition to iXblue double clad specialty fiber portfolio is based on an innovative refractive index profile, a five micrometer core combined with an eighty micrometer cladding to maximize the multimode absorption.

Standard Nd-doped fiber presents a much higher gain at the 4F3/2 → 4I 9/2 transition - near 1060 nm - due to its true four-level nature. This fiber is designed with a W-type core refractive index profile that suppresses effectively the emission at 1060 nm through bend-induced losses. Pumped around 800 nm, the fiber exhibits high PER and optimized power conversion efficiency in the 900-940 nm window with no residual 1060 nm emission.

This fiber will be an excellent building block when designing a fiber laser emitting in the 900 to 940 nm. Applications cover non-linear spectroscopy, quantum optics, biochemistry and bio photonics

Product number: IXF-2CF-Nd-PM-5-80-W

Associated passive fibers, as well as a fiber combiners adapted to this fiber.


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iXBlue Photonics offers the family of Photline products : Intensity modulator, linb03 modulator, gyro fibers