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polarization maintaining optical fiber with tiger design

For gyroscope

The IXF-PMG family includes high performance Polarization Maintaining Fibers that are specifically designed for integration into Fiber Optic Gyroscopes on or above the earth.

Fiber diameter control is critical during coil winding: our fibers exhibit very high consistency / accuracy of the coating diameter not only in each batch, but also from batch to batch.

specialty optical fiber


Benefits & Features

  • Qualified by international inertial sensing manufacturers
  • Design for space environment available
  • Highly birefringence
  • High polarization extinction in coiled applications
  • Zero twist
  • Round core
  • Cladding diameter: 40,80, 125 µm
  • Various coating diameters, tuned to customers specifications
  • High stability coating diameteralong each batch and from batch


  • Space environment

Main Specifications