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optical fiber for laser

For fiber amplifiers and lasers @ 1μm

Our company offers a large choice of Ytterbium double clad optical fibers to address a full range of lasers.

iXblue’s Ytterbium doped fibers have been designed to maximize optical conversion efficiency in fiber lasers and amplifiers.

specialty optical fiber


Benefits & Features

  • Reduced photo darkening and photo darkening free
  • High pump and consistent absorption
  • Low M²
  • Low non linear effect
  • Large mode area
  • High efficiency


  • 1 µm CW and pulsed lasers
  • 1 µm amplifiers

Main Specifications



Non-PM types
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IXF-2CF-Yb-O 8-130-PF

8 µm core diameter

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Qty Price per meter
1-9 m 50 €/m
10-99 m 45 €/m
>100 m 40 €/m
50,00 €
Unit = m
Core NA: 0.09
Cladding diameter Flat/Flat (μm): 125 +/- 3

8 µm core diameter

PM types
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