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various fiber bragg gratings

For sensor

iXblue offers the possibility to have one or multiple High Reflectivity FBGs with customized central wavelengths from 600 nm to 2100 nm, on a single optical fiber without any splice.
FBGs are suitable to detect strain, temperature, pressure change in various applications environment.

Thanks to our specialty optical fibers, sensing applications are deep water, outer space, harsh areas with high temperature or radiation condition.

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fiber bragg grating arrays


Benefits & Features

  • Spliceless FBG array
  • Low insertion loss
  • Excellent SLSR up to 20 dB
  • Customized FBG array configuration
  • Large range of wavelengths
  • FBGs positioned at discrete points along a continuous fiber
  • 125 or 80 µm cladding diameter
  • Available on small cladding diameter fiber
  • PM available
  • Up to 100 FBG
  • SMF, PM, CMF or other fiber type
  • 600 to 2100 nm


  • Temperature, Strain sensing
  • Structural Health Monitoring (oil and gaz, nuclear, aeronautic)
  • Acoustic sensing