iXblue Photonics is committed for more than ten years in a quality assurance policy. Taking the benefits of our continuous improvement and most recent innovations, it guarantees to our customers the best services, and highly reliable products.


The two branches of iXblue Photonic are parts of the certification of iXblue Company under the standard IS0-9001-2015.
The industrial processes of production and marketing are respectful of international standards as regards the environmental protection. These processes are strictly compliant with the rules of ethics, in particular as regards the labor law and the fight against corruption.


Quality Management

To support its strategy, iXblue management has deployed and steers a quality management system whose two main objectives are :

  • Provide high value-added products and services that meet customers as well as applicable statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Increase customer satisfaction by developing customer focus at all levels of the company.


Environment Policy

iXblue Photonics is committed to protecting the environment and to preserve the natural resources of the planet. The most stringent provisions of French Law concerning the protection of the environment are accounted for in iXblue Photonics business processes. Waste separation and reduction, usage of recycled materials whenever possible as well as the spare usage of electricity, water and paper are well-defined targets. Polluting emissions and the usage of hazardous materials are avoided wherever possible.


Ethics & Compliance

With the globalization of markets, most companies operate in a fast moving and challenging world, with its complexities, its expectations and the diversity of cultures and values.

In the meantime, the fight against national and transnational corruption has been considerably reinforced with laws having powerful extraterritorial effects.


In this international environment, we, at iXblue, have been always committed to conduct business in accordance with the highest ethical standards and in full compliance with all applicable laws.


We proscribe any form of corruption and we have implemented a Compliance Program which meets existing anti-corruption statutes, including the French law “Sapin II” (Law n° 2016-1691 dated 9th December 2016), enacted to bring France in line with the highest international standards.

We invite you to click on the following links to take note of the President’s Statement on Ethics and Compliance and to get acquainted with our Code of Conduct.

President’s Statement on Ethics and Compliance

iXblue Code of Conduct