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multicore optical fiber

Based on our original telecom experience of making Twincore fibers for the Add/drop mutiplexers, iXblue in collaboration with Photonics Bretagne is now offering Multicore fibers for shape and temperature/strain sensing.
Multicore fibers can be used in a large variety of sensing application where the need to reduce the global footprint is also required for cables and connectors.
Multicore fibers have photosensitive cores, allowing Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) inscription and can be tailored to match the exact customer specifications.

ixblue multicore fiber


Benefits & Features

  • Multiple cores
  • Shape sensing
  • Photosensitive core for FBG inscription
  • Suitable when reduced space is required
  • Custom designs possible from 4 to 12 cores
  • Active & rare earth doped multicore fiber on request


  • Shape sensing
  • Temperature and Strain Sensors
  • Telecoms

Main Specifications



Single Mode Fibers
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7 cores

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Qty Price per meter
10-49 m 30.00 €/m
50-99 m 20.00 €/m
>100 m 15.00 €/m
30,00 €
Unit = m

7 cores

Numerical Aperture: 0.21 +/- 0.02
Cladding diameter (μm): 125 +/ - 1
Coating diameter (μm): 245 +/ - 15
Double Clad Fibers
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Power efficient all-fiberized 12-core erbium/ytterbium doped optical amplifier

G. Mélin, T. Robin (iXblue); R. Kerampran, S. Bordais (Lumibird); A. Monteville, D. Landais, T. Taunay (Photonics Bretagne); A. Lebreton, Y. Jaouën (TELECOM Paris)

Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC)

March 2020


20dB gain in C-band with only 5.3W of pump is achieved with an all-fiberized 12-core Er/Yb doped fiber amplifier. This result is a first step towards SDM transmission including power efficient amplifiers and ROADM.