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iXblue Photonics helps photonics engineers all around the world to get the most out of the light by providing high performance, innovative and reliable photonic solutions. We offer specialty fibers, bragg gratings and optical modulation solutions based on the company integrated modulators for a variety of applications including: optical communications, fiber lasers and amplifiers, fiber optics sensors, space and sciences.

iXblue Photonics results from the acquisition of the former companies iXFiber and Photline, Specialty Fibers Division and Modulation Solutions Division of iXblue group. The expanded team, fully dedicated to photonics, masters key technologies including fiber preform processing, fiber drawing, waveguide wafer processing, RF design and components packaging. Gathered in a single organization, this team is in a strong position to leverage its synergies and offer new and more complete fiber optics solutions to its customers.


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Modulation Solutions Division:

iXblue Photonics specializes in the design and manufacture of lithium niobate optical modulators for fiber optic systems. Manufacturing is carried out in an ISO 6 clean-room facility featuring microelectronics technologies, employing advanced (50Gb/s) integration, packaging and test processes for optoelectronic components. iXblue Photonics has also developed a production line or microwave amplifiers used to drive the modulators. The company has extended its product lineup with bias control systems (Modulator Bias Controllers - MBC) to deliver optimal modulator operation.

Mastering all of the basic building blocks of an efficient modulation system, iXblue Photonics is able to offer a range of complex optoelectronic modulation instruments known as «ModBox», featuring custom integration of active and passive optoelectronic modules, controllable through an adapted and reconfigurable human-machine interface.

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Specialty Fibers Division:

iXblue Photonics develops and manufactures a wide range of specialty optical fibers, fiber optic components and subassemblies for diverse industrial applications such as Telecom, Sensing, Defense, Space, Fiber Laser, Harsh Environment. Our specialty fibers and components are produced in environmentally controlled production areas to ensure high proof strength, tight tolerances and a high-quality level. With manufacturing facilities located in Lannion, France, iXblue Photonics has over 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high performance products. With recently upgraded new facilities and expanded technical team.

iXblue Photonics is developing new fibers and components in close collaboration with customers, benefiting from the worldwide presence of the iXblue group through its sales, support and technical teams on all continents. Our Photonics experts will construct the best solution to precisely fit your application, through intensive and constructive collaboration from initial design to production scale in a world class ISO 9001 manufacturing facilities.

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About iXblue

iXblue is a global high-tech company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of advanced autonomous, marine and photonics technologies. The group in-house expertise include innovative systems and solutions devoted to inertial navigation, subsea positioning, underwater imaging, as well as shipbuilding and tests & simulation means. Employing a workforce of 600+ people in 19 offices worldwide, iXblue has a global footprint and conducts its business with over 40 countries.



The unique technologies developed by iXblue have found a wide variety of applications including geosciences, energy and offshore construction, naval and land defense, as well as aerospace, commercial shipping and fishery. The products developed by iXblue can be found in particularly demanding environments, from the ocean depths, 11,000 meters under the surface, to outer space, some 1.5 million kilometers above the earth.


iXblue has end-to-end control of its value chain, from the design work carried out in its engineering offices through to manufacturing in the company’s own production shops. This brings great flexibility and agility to the company, allowing it to adapt better to the specific needs of its customers and to market trends.


Research and development is central to our activities and our company is recognized as a pioneer in many technical disciplines. This focus on innovation has enabled us to establish and maintain a leading position in our strategic markets over the past three decades.