Do not miss our paper co-written with our USA partner Cybel LLC on our 2 µm DFB in the Fiber amplifiers session on Thursday 10th December 2020.

Sessions Th2A/8: 2051 nm Narrow Linewidth All-Fibre DFB Laser for Holmium-Doped Fibre-Amplifier Applications

Thursday 10 December 10:40 (AM Session) & 20:40 (PM Session)


Abstract: We report the design and performance of a single frequency all-fibre 2051 nm distributed feedback (DFB) laser source employing fibre Bragg gratings (FBGs). Output powers up to 36 mW CW and optical signal-to-noise ratios of > 65 dB/0.05 nm are obtained. Heterodyne measurements yield laser linewidths of ~130 kHz FWHM. The single frequency source is amplified with a polarization maintaining Ho-doped fibre amplifier (HDFA) to an output power of 1 W CW.

Authors: Daniya Traoré(1), Wiktor Walasik(1), Alexandre Amavigan(1), Robert E. Tench(1), Jean-Marc Delavaux(1), and Emmanuel Pinsard(2)

(1) Cybell LLC (USA), (2) iXblue Photonics (France)




ECOC 2020 Programme