To celebrate the 20 years anniversary of our first Ytterbium doped fiber, we decided to offer a 20% discount on our Yb product range until September 30th 2020.

Get a 20% discount on our E-store for all Ytterbium fibers orders before 30 September 2020 with YB20 reduction code!

Now is the great time to discover, or re-discover, our full range of single and double clad Ytterbium doped fibers, PM or non-PM. Our double clad 6 and 10 micron core fibers are integrated by major laser manufacturers, jump on the boat!

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Our standard pricing is already most competitive, and we deliver in 3 days from stock.

Besides attractive pricing, we also have in our portfolio unique Ytterbium fiber as IXF-2CF-Yb-O-6-130-PF that offers a record 1.3 dB/m absorption at 915 nm for a 6 µm core fiber, making it ideal for low-cost pulsed lasers for marking applications.

Photodarkening, efficiency, power… As it is not always easy to pick the ideal fiber, do not hesitate to ask our technical team to guide you, whether it is for a one-time project, OEM opportunity or to diversify your supply chain.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.