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optical fiber for laser

For fiber lasers from 1.9 to 2.2 µm

iXblue proposes a wide range of Thulium/Holmium doped optical fibers for amplifiers and fiber lasers.


For high power CW and pulsed lasers ~2 µm

Triple clad design to be used in high power regime for amplifiers and fiber lasers configuration.

specialty optical fiber


Benefits & Features

  • CW and pulsed fiber lasers @ 2 µm
  • High pump and consistent absorption
  • Low M² and NA
  • Large mode area
  • High efficiency
  • High Tm0 concentration
  • High efficiency
  • Heat dissipation
  • Eye-safe lasers


  • 2 µm CW & pulsed lasers
  • 2 µm amplifiers
  • Military and commercial LIDAR
  • Laser weapon

Main Specifications



Polarisation Maintaining (PM):


Fiber type:

Double clad
Triple clad
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Double Clad Fibers
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Triple Clad Fibers
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