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optical fiber for laser

For fiber lasers from 1.9 to 2.2 µm

iXblue carries a full range of Holmium doped optical fibers for amplifiers and fiber lasers. Our single clad Holmium doped fiber can be pumped by a Thulium doped fiber laser with direct core pumping. Moreover, our double clad Holmium doped fiber is available for high efficiency multi-mode pump coupling.


For high power CW and pulsed lasers ~2 µm

Triple clad design to be used in high power regime for amplifiers and fiber lasers configuration.

specialty optical fiber


Benefits & Features

  • CW and pulsed fiber lasers @ 2 µm
  • High pump and consistent absorption
  • Large mode area
  • High efficiency
  • High Tm0 concentration
  • Low M² and NA
  • Heat dissipation
  • Eye-safe lasers


  • 2 µm CW & pulsed lasers
  • 2 µm amplifiers
  • Military and commercial LIDAR
  • Laser weapon

Main Specifications



Polarisation Maintaining (PM):


Fiber type:

Single clad
Triple clad
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Single Clad Fibers
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8 µm core diameter

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Qty Price per meter
1-9 m 450.00 €/m
>10 m 375.00 €/m
450,00 €
Unit = m

8 µm core diameter

Core NA: 0.16
Cladding diameter (μm): 125 +/- 2

8 µm core diameter

PM Panda structrure

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Qty Price per meter
1-9 m 850.00 €/m
10-49 m 750.00 €/m
850,00 €
Unit = m

8 µm core diameter

PM Panda structrure

Core NA: 0.16
Cladding diameter (μm): 125 +/- 2
Triple Clad Fibers
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High performance +23 dBm miniature PM Ho-doped fiber amplifier at 2100 nm

R. Tench, A. Amavigan, S. Asoda, JM. Delavaux (Cybel), T. Robin, B. Cadier, A. Laurent (iXblue)

Photonics West

MARCH 2021


Current progress in infrared LIDAR, atmospheric sensing, and DWDM transmission system experiments highlights the need for large bandwidth, high dynamic range polarization-maintaining (PM) optical amplifiers in the 1900 nm—2100 nm band [1—6]...

Two-Stage Performance of Polarization-Maintaining Holmium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers

R.E. Tench, C. Romano, G.M. Williams, J.M. Delavaux (Cybel); T. Robin , B. Cadier & A. Laurent (iXblue)


VOL. 37, NO. 4,

15 FEBRUARY 2019


We report the experimental demonstration and record performance of two-stage broadband, high gain polarization-maintaining (PM) Ho-doped fiber amplifiers (HDFAs) at a signal wavelength of λs = 2051 nm...

Realization and simulation of high power holmium doped fiber laser for long-range transmission

J.Le Gouët, F. Gustave, P. Bourdon (Onera); A Laurent, T. Robin, B. Cadier (iXblue)


Optical Society of America, 2020, 28 (15),

pp.22307-22320. 10.1364/OE.349011

27 JULY 2020


Output power of 90W at 2120 nm, with a 50% efficiency is obtained from a triple-clad large mode area holmium (Ho) doped silica fiber.