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High-grade 1-component gyroscope

iX-1B is a high-grade one-component gyroscope with low-noise, great stability, and wide dynamic range, featuring absolute digital rotation rate in mrad/s.
A specific benefit of this product is its compactness which allows its integration in complex systems.
iX-1B is a highly versatile sensor thanks to limited power consumption, simple configuration of the factory-calibrated digital output, which make it the perfect ally to develop innovative solutions in many applications: calibration, dynamic motion feedback, close-loop operation actuation...

High-grade 1-component gyroscope



  • Interferometric Fiber Optic Gyroscope
  • Absolute rotation rate measurement
  • Serial output at user defined frequency
  • High dynamic range
  • Digital output (no need for user calibration)
  • Flat frequency response on a large frequency band 10-3 – 200 Hz


  • Low power consumption (USB power driven)
  • Best performance per volume ratio
  • Triggered mode: integrated angle since last pulse


  • Calibration
  • Metrology
  • Dynamic motion feedback
  • Close-loop operation actuation