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Analog Modulator Bias Controller

Dither-less Automated Modulator Bias Controller


Unlike classical dither signal based bias controllers, the MBC-AN-LAB does not superimpose any tone (dither) signal to the optical modulated wave. They are designed for application where such a tone signal is not desired and typically for analog applications where a high purity carrier is required. They are easy to implement, fully automated with its autoset function. The MBC-AN-LAB is proposed in a compact and smart package.



Benefits & Features

  • Dither-less operation
  • Quadrature operating points (Quad+ & Quad-)
  • Turn-Key and standalone Bias Controller
  • Plug & play with build-in couplers


  • Analog modulation
  • RFoF transmission
  • Optical communications

Main specifications

  • Very high stability on bias point
  • Calibrated version from 760 nm to the L-Band
  • Easy-to-Use Graphical User Interface
  • USB remote control


Application Notes

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