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Digital Modulator Bias Controller

Continuously Tunable Modulator Bias Controllers


The MBC-DG-LAB is an automatic bias controller specially designed to lock the operating point of LiNb03 Mach-Zehnder modulators and ensure a stable operation over time and environmental conditions.

The MBC-DG-LAB controller is a continuously tunable bias controllers, meaning it allows operation of the controlled intensity modulator at any point of its transfer function and thus can be used for any telecom modulation schemes, such as NRZ, DPSK, RZ,..

The MBC-LAB benefits of an Auto-set operation for the Min, Max, Quad ± modes resulting in a simplified use.



Benefits & Features

  • Auto-set bias points (Min, Max, Quad ±)
  • Control of any bias points from modulator transfer function curve
  • Continuous tuning of the operating point
  • USB remote control


  • LiNbO3, InP, GaAs modulators
  • Digital modulation schemes NRZ, RZ, DPSK,...
  • Pulse applications
  • Analog applications

Main specifications

  • Operating wavelength: from 600 nm up to 1 600 nm
  • Locking accuracy @Quad: 90 ± 0.5 degree
  • Extinction ratio at MIN mode: 50 ± 0.05 dB
  • Auto-set bias points (Min, Max, Quad ±)


Application Notes

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