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Analog Drivers

The DR-AN family is a set of wideband RF amplifier modules designed for analog applications at frequencies up to 40 GHz. The DR-AN are characterized by a low Noise Figure and a linear transfer function.


The DR-AN drivers exhibit a flat Group Delay and Gain curves with reduced ripple over the entire bandwidth. They operate from a single power supply for safety and ease of use, they offer gain control.


The DR-AN modulator driver comes in a compact connectorized module that matches (mechanically and impedance) directly with iXblue phase and intensity modulators.



Benefits & Features

  • Linear amplifier
  • Ease of use amplifier module
  • Wide bandwidth components
  • Matching amplifier for LiNbO3 & InP modulators


  • Optical Communications
  • Antenna Measurements
  • RFoF

Main specifications

  • Bandwidth up to 40 GHz
  • Output power 1 dB comp up to 15 dBm
  • NF down to 3 dB


Application Notes

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Introduction to iXblue RF Drivers