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Modulator Bias Controller

IQ Modulator Bias Controller


The MBC-IQ-Lab is an electronic system able to control I&Q Modulators in a CS-SSB modulation scheme. It is based on the minimization of the beating harmonic of two small dithers. This system allows to maintain harmonic rejection of optical CS-SSB spectrum better than 40dB over tens of hours.



Benefits & Features

  • Automatic Bias Controller for IQ modulator
  • Turn-key and stand alone electronic
  • Two small dithering signals at two different frequencies


  • RFoF: radio over fiber transmissions
  • Optical frequency shifters
  • Brillouin based metrology
  • Antenna Measurements

Main specifications

  • Dedicated to CS-SSB band modulator
  • Optical harmonics rejection      better than 40 dB
  • High stability recorded over 72 hours

Application Notes

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Introduction to iXblue MBC