iXBlue Photonics helps photonics engineers all around the world to get the most out of the light by providing high performance, innovative and reliable photonic solutions. We offer specialty fibers, Bragg gratings and optical modulation solutions based on the company integrated modulators for a variety of applications including : optical communications, fiber lasers and amplifiers, fiber optics sensors, space and sciences.

iXBlue Photonics results from the acquisition and merging of the former companies iXFiber and Photline. The expanded team, fully dedicated to photonics, masters key technologies including fiber preform processing, fiber drawing, waveguide wafer processing, RF design and components packaging. Gathered in a single organization, this team is in a strong position to leverage its synergies and offer new and more complete fiber optics solutions to its customers.

A few examples of where iXBlue Photonics products can be found:

Photline MXER Modulators

Photline MXER Modulators are used in pipeline monitoring sensing equipments that operate 24/7 in extreme environments including Siberia and Arabian deserts.

iXFiber PM gyro fiber

iXFiber PM gyro fiber is integrated in more than 30 fiber optics gyrometers operating in space satellites.

Photline NIR Modulators

Photline NIR Modulators are being integrated in the range finders of the forthcoming Grace II NASA space mission.

iXFiber Active Fibers

iXFiber Active Fibers are used in thousands of industrial fiber lasers and telecom fiber amplifiers all over the world.

Photline NIR800 Modulators

Photline NIR800 Modulators are used in the Kastler Brossel Laboratory, laboratory of the Nobel prizes Claude Cohen-Tannoudji and Serge Harroche, and in quantum optics laboratories all over the world.

Photline ModBoxes

Photline ModBoxes are used in the Laser Mega-Joule and ELI-BeamLines ultra-intense laser facilities. iXFiber radiation hardened fibers are used in the Laser Mega-Joule diagnostic system.


iXBlue is a leading international supplier of innovative products and solutions for navigation, positioning and imaging. iXBlue civil and military customers have widely deployed systems, operations, and services in complex sea, land, air, and space environments. iXBlue is a major player in offshore oil and gas, a world leader in sea navigation systems, and expert in ocean science and mapping. iXBlue’s technologies include photonics, inertial sensors, acoustics, imaging, control, and simulation. iXBlue is recognized for its pioneering inventions in fiber-optic gyroscopes and its full range of other cutting-edge technologies, providing high accuracy, unrivalled performance, and unsurpassed reliability.

iXBlue also differentiates itself through full vertical integration and expertise, an approach that is well expressed by the will to master the key photonics technologies for its own systems.

iXBlue Photonics offers a full range of photonics solutions : IQ modulators, intensity modulators, polarizing fibers