Specialty fiber optics, bragg grating and optical modulation for communication, lasers, lidars and sensors.

iXBlue Photonics helps photonics engineers all around the world to get the most out of the light by providing high performance, innovative and reliable photonic solutions. We offer specialty fibers, Bragg gratings and optical modulation solutions based on the company integrated modulators for a variety of applications including : optical communications, fiber lasers and amplifiers, fiber optics sensors, space and sciences.

iXBlue Photonics results from the acquisition and merging of the former companies iXFiber and Photline. The expanded team, fully dedicated to photonics, masters key technologies including fiber preform processing, fiber drawing, waveguide wafer processing, RF design and components packaging. Gathered in a single organization, this team is in a strong position to leverage its synergies and offer new and more complete fiber optics solutions to its customers.

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Photline, transmitter and electro optic modulator iXfiber, specialty fiber optic and fiber brag

Polyimide Fibers

Coatings & buffering for harsh environment: For more than 10 years, iXblue Photonics has developed large...

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NEW 28 Gb/s NRZ Reference Transmitter ModBoxes with a Variable Extinction Ratio

Both Photline 28 Gb/s NRZ 850 nm-ModBox and 28 Gb/s NRZ O-Band ModBox have been reference turn-key transmitters...

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Rad Hard Fibers

Space compatible radiation hardened active fibers are available !

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New ! Low loss Intensity and Phase Modulators for the 1000 nm band !

The NIR-MPX and NIR-MX 1000 nm modulators comes now with reduced insertion loss

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Meet us at CIOE! Shenzhen - China, 6-9 Septembre 2017

iXblue Photonics is going to participate at China International Optoelectronic Expo on September 6 -...

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Meet us at ECOC! Gothenburg- Sweden, 18-20 Septembre 2017

iXblue Photonics is going to participate at ECOC on 18-20 Septembre 2017 at Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Meet us at RADECS ! Geneva - Switzerland, 2-6 Octobre 2017

iXblue Photonics is going to participate and exhibitsat RADECS 2017 in Geneva from 2 to 6 Octobre 20...

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Meet us at WSOF ! Limassol - Cyprus , 11-13 Octobre 2017

iXblue Photonics is going to exhibit and present technical paper at WSOF on Octobre 11-13 2017

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iXBlue Photonics offers a full range of photonics solutions : fiber Bragg gratings, IQ modulators, polarization maintaining fibers, doped fibers, intensity modulators, phase LiNbO3 modulators, RF drivers, FBG laser mirrors